***NEW Aluminum Cans to Save Lives NEW***

*Purina, Iams or Science Diet cat and kitten food* 

*Meat flavored baby food (no onion power)

*Cat scratchers (found at

*Timothy hay

*Canned cat food - loaf please, no meats in gravy/sauce

*Kitten Milk Replacer - KMR or PetLac brand

*Non-clumping cat litter


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Coulee Region Humane Society, Inc.
911 Critter Court
Onalaska, WI 54650

Phone: 608-781-4014
Fax: 608-781-1646

Facility Operator License Number 268468-DS

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Coulee Region Humane Society, Inc. helping our community

Coulee Region Humane Society, Inc. offers a number of programs and services at little to no cost to help both animals and people in our community. Lose a pet? Find a pet? Need dog training assistance? Cat behavior consultation? Want to volunteer? Do you need to surrender your pet? Are you looking to adopt a pet? This and so much more is offered through your Coulee Region Humane Society, Inc.