Wish List: Urgent Needs

***NEW Aluminum Cans to Save Lives NEW***

*Purina, Iams or Science Diet cat and kitten food* 

*Meat flavored baby food (no onion power)

*Cat scratchers (found at www.stretchandscratch.com)

*Timothy hay

*Canned cat food - loaf please, no meats in gravy/sauce


*Newspaper - no shiny, glossy ads 


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Phone: 608-781-4014
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2013 was a year of success and challenge.  We continue to provide more service for more animals and work hard to maintain and improve the care we give.

We helped Baxter, a charming, 12 year old  Siamese cat who needed dental care.  His age and his teeth were barriers to adoption.  Thanks to our generous veterinary clinics, grantors and your support, Baxter got a clean bill of health on his senior wellness panel as well as much-needed dental care.  This sweet boy is adopted into a loving home. 

We helped Stella, a Border collie who was seen running loose for months.  She was finally caught in a shed and brought to our shelter.  An owner never came forward.  Stella was very anxious and uneasy at first and hard to handle.  Staff saw beyond her fear and nervousness and worked with her until she was comfortable and relaxed.  Her pleasing personality emerged and she is adopted and living happily in a wonderful home. 

We work to help so many animals and people: 

  • We met basic needs:  Our cats and kittens used 7000 pounds of litter!  Our dogs and cats munched their way through 7000 pounds of kibble.  We gave 4000 vaccinations. 
  • For our fourth year in a row, we placed all adoptable dogs and puppies. 
  • We completed our 2nd full year of providing life-saving spay/neuter services to many shelter cats and celebrate increasing adoption rates as a result.
  • We started a basic personality evaluation program for cats in order to better help people select the cat that is the best match for their family.
  • We provided consultation and classes for over 2,200 people and their dogs, helping solve problems so that dogs could stay in their homes. 
  • We brought education, laughter and comfort to the community with our pet therapy teams and our education program. 
  • Amazing volunteers provided 12,000 hours of cleaning, brushing, cuddling, mailing and tossing toys.  2600 Kongs were stuffed with cheese or peanut butter to enrich the lives of our dogs.  Our cats searched for yummy treats hidden in plastic eggs over 10,000 times a year. 

We are proud of our success but our challenges are great: 

  • We need to improve care and kennel conditions for our cats who all too often suffer from upper respiratory infection. 
  • We need to work harder to reunite stray pets with owners.  73% of our stray dogs  and 15% of our  stray cats were reclaimed.  While this is above the national average, we need to improve our strategies for reuniting families and pets.
  • We need to assure funding for spay/neuter services for shelter animals because altered pets are more likely to be adopted.  We have not reached our goal of zero euthanasia of adoptable cats – during the height of our busy season, adoptable cats face space-related euthanasia. 

As always, we turn to you, who care about these animals. Your membership in CRHS means everything to the animals who are served by your generosity. With your support, we can provide what every animal deserves: food, water, warmth and shelter.  With your support, we will continue to engender compassion and kindness toward animals and people in our community.   With your support, we will save lives.

Please make your annual membership gift today.  You can click on "Donate Now" to make your gift online or send a check.  On behalf of the animals who will benefit from your gift, we thank you so much!  

Here’s what your donations help us provide: 

$35 – Flea treatment for 3 dogs or cats.

$50 – Food for 10 cats, kittens, dogs, or puppies for one week.

$100 – Distemper vaccination and booster for 20 cats.

$250 - Funding for our low-cost dog training program, helping many dogs stay happily in their homes.

$500 – Education for children and adults about safety, kindness and the needs of domestic companion animals.

$1,000 – Bordetella and distemper vaccinations for 110 dogs.

$2,500 – One year’s worth of litter.