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Donation Drive Cat Adoption Event 

The Coulee Region Humane Society will offer a special donation drive adoption event for all cats and kittens May 1-12.

The event will offer half-off adoption rates for any cat or kitten to adopters who donate one or more of the following items: dry kitten food (Iams, Science Diet and/or Royal Canin) wet/canned kitten food (Iams, Science Diet and/or Royal Canin), Feliway, orphaned kitten baby bottles and Nutri-gel, a high-calorie dietary supplement.

Adopters must donate an item on the list in order to have their adoption fees reduced. A minimum of 5 pounds is required for donations of dry kitten food and at least five cans of wet/canned kitten food must be donated. 

The discount will not apply if an item that is not listed above is donated.

The adoption special is applicable only to cats. It does not apply to dogs or small animals.

Applications will be processed as soon as possible; however, same-day adoptions are not guaranteed. 

Portraits by Hilary Running