Adopting an animal

Dogs, cats and small animals--birds, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, etc.--are available to adopt from our shelter year round; however, animal selection varies depending on intake. 




Pet Adoption

Portraits by Hilary Running

Adoption Fees          

Cats & Kittens                                              
Intact cats and kittens: $30                        
Non-intact cats and kittens: $60

Dogs & Puppies                                        
Dogs and puppies less than 1 year old: $350  Dogs 1-6 years old: $300
Dogs 7 years old and up: $250

Small Animals                                               
Mice, hamsters and gerbils: $5                  
Rats: $10                                                      
Guinea pigs: $15                                            
Ferrets: $50                                                
Rabbits: $50                                                
Birds: $10-$200    


Adoption Specials

Extended Stay Cats & Dogs
These animals are experiencing an extended stay of one month or longer at our shelter. Their adoption fees are therefore reduced by 50 percent. 

Twice the Love
Adopt two cats or two small animals of the same price for just one adoption fee. (Higher adoption fee applies.) 

Forever Young
Adopters 65 years and older will receive $25 off of their adoption fee. 

Exceptional Owner Wanted
These animals have challenges requiring a commitment from exceptional new homes. Adoption fees are reduced by 50 percent.