CRHS Board Member Job Description

This statement is intended to set forth generally the functions of the Board of Directors of the Coulee Region Humane Society and to serve as a guide for board members.  The Coulee Region Humane Society relies extensively on the leadership, commitment, and support of its Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors fulfills important functions for the Coulee Region Humane Society, including establishing goals and policies, determining strategic direction, overseeing management, electing officers, generating public and private support and funding, and engendering goodwill for the CRHS within the community.

The Coulee Region Humane Society expects its Board Members to actively participate in accomplishing the goals, values, and mission of the CRHS.  Board members will be expected to:


  • Regularly attend and actively participate in board meetings that are held monthly, generally at 5:00 P.M. on the fourth Thursday.  Eighty percent (80%) attendance at board meetings is regarded as an acceptable level of attendance.
  • Serve on and actively participate in one or more standing committees of the board, or an established board task force.  Board members are strongly encouraged to serve on two committees of the board.  Eighty percent (80%) attendance at committee meetings is regarded as an acceptable level of attendance.
  • Give freely of themselves on a volunteer basis in supporting and assisting in activities and programs of the CRHS.


  • Maintain membership in the CRHS.
  • Make CRHS a priority in charitable plans and make an annual unrestricted gift commensurate with financial circumstances. 
  • Solicit funds and assist staff in relationship building to raise funds.
  • Make selected personal cultivation visits with benefactors and prospects.
  • Annually participate in and support one or more CRHS special events.


  • Approve and adopt a fiscally responsible annual budget, ensuring the budget aligns with the mission of the CRHS, and ensures staff and board members are good stewards of the CRHS’s resources.
  • Continually evaluate the mission, objectives, strategies and program priorities.
  • Understand the distinction between the board role as policy makers and the executive director’s role as policy implementer and provide support and direction as requested.
  • Regularly review and make necessary updates to the governing policies as needed.
  • Ensure the organization uses its resources towards fulfillment of its mission.
  • Review and accept the annual audit and IRS Form 990.
  • Hire, support and appraise the Executive Director. 

Public Relations:

  • Cultivate relationships and recruit board members and other volunteers.
  • Be knowledgeable about the organization’s purpose, objectives, programs, operations, finances, policies, challenges, and niche in the community.


Board of Directors Job Description (PDF)