Education Programs

Our humane education programs provide age appropriate presentations for schools, youth groups, and community and business organizations throughout La Crosse County and in neighboring counties when possible. 

A program can be selected from the following list or we will work with you to customize a presentation. 

Program Details

  • Getting to Know You
    This program focuses on dog and cat behavior, emphasizing on safety and bite prevention. We talk about appropriate behavior around animals and how having good manners with animals and people prevent misunderstandings and in the case of animals, getting bitten. We also cover basic pet care and talk about what your pet needs to be healthy and safe.

  • Helping Hands
    Helping Hands sheds a light on the importance of expressing kindness to people and animals, which in turn encourages empathy and compassion to all living beings. This informative program shows children how lending a helping hand in their own community promotes positive relationships among people and animals.
  • Community Cats
    The term "barn cats" or "feral cats" are not something to be fearful of, but rather open a door to the opportunity to learn about the roles these cats play in our community and how they affect our neighborhoods. The importance of spaying and neutering pets is also discussed along with how pet overpopulation impacts our community.
  • Wildlife and Habitats
    There is a variety of information available regarding domestic animals, but what about animals that surround us outside of the home? La Crosse County is fortunate to have an abundance of wildlife in the community. A CRHS Humane Officer will help children explore in details how essential it is to respect our local wildlife and their habitats so they may continue to thrive.
  • Animal Adaptations
    The animal adaptations program focuses on how animals adapt to their environment so they they can survive and thrive. We also discuss the Web of Life and how we are all interconnected and dependent upon one another. 
  • What is An Animal Shelter
    This program talks about the importance of animal shelters and the role that they play in our community. What would our community be like if we did not have an animal shelter? What are ways we can support our local animal shelter?
  • What is Animal Cruelty
    In this program, students will learn about animal cruelty and neglect, and how they can be identified in our community. We will discuss local laws and ordinances along with the role of our Humane Officers at the shelter. A CRHS Humane Officer will discuss special topics like puppy mills, dog fighting, cock fighting and animal abuse. Students will walk away knowing different ways they can prevent cruelty in their community.
  • A "Bully Breed" Workshop
    In this special program, students will learn about the different "bully breeds" and what is a myth versus fact. We will discuss breed-specific legislation and how these laws perpetuate stereotypes. Unique challenges to owning these breeds will be discussed and we will talk about different ways that we can advocate for these kinds of dogs. Students will leave this program educated about current issues that impact the lives of "bully breeds"all over the U.S. 


Email Erin Olson to schedule an education program for your school/organization at today!