Education Programs

We offer education classes, shelter tours, and outreach programs to schools, libraries, and organizations.


Call or email our Humane Educator, Maggie Hanson at

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for more details and to schedule a program!

Here at the Coulee Region Humane Society we are dedicated to providing education to the public for the welfare of animals everywhere! We have several programs that can fit into your curriculum as well as meet the Wisconsin Standards for Science. Here are a taste of just a few!

  • Our Best Friends (30 mins.)

    ‘Our Best Friends’ is our most popular program! It is an interactive experience for the younger audience to get to know Coulee Region Humane Society as a shelter and what we do here. Listen to some of our wildest animal stories, learn about the important role shelters have in our community, and get to know a friendly Pet Therapy dog to learn how to be safe around animals. (This does include petting the dog at the end!)

  • Helping Hands (30 mins.)

    We know that the animal shelter helps animals in need, but did you know there are animals with special jobs to help us as well? In this program we discuss different jobs animals have to not only help humans, but help each other as well! This visit is accompanied by a Pet Therapy dog that will demonstrate the role they play and teach our young audience when it’s appropriate to pet a pup that’s working!

  • Surviving Despite (30-45 mins.)

    This program dives into some of the coolest wildlife we have living right under our nose including the endangered gray wolf, our infamous bald eagle, as well as a chance to interact with a lesser known species. The audience will participate in reenacting some spectacular wildlife defense mechanisms as well as learn how else these amazing animals survive despite the odds being against them, and what our wildlife rehabilitation center does to help.

  • Dragons, skinks, and snakes, oh my! (30-45 mins.)

    Our newest program involves our cold-blooded friends! Learn how these animals come into the shelter, the care they require as well as some unique traits specific to each one. Learn why a bearded dragon has a beard, or how a blue tongue skink uses their (you guessed it) blue tongue! The animals attending this program will vary, but there will always be scaly species to interact with!

pet therapy read.jpg

Read to Rover

Our program is simple in concept: one great therapy pet, one skilled handler, and one child, sitting together on a blanket reading a book. But the results of this simple act are powerful.

For a child who is self-conscious about reading out loud, Read to Rover can help to eliminate the fear of being laughed at or criticized by peers or family. Take away that fear, and reading out loud suddenly is fun.

Books and new words become something exciting to share when you read to a pet. Simply put, Read to Rover builds a love of reading, while improving literacy skills in the process.

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Other Opportunities

*We require a minimum of 2 weeks notice prior to any event or group tour. Please contact to schedule your event/tour.*

Information Booths

We can staff a booth or table at your special event, fair or conference. Tables are staffed by trained educators and/or volunteers, and include free event appropriate handouts.

Scout Programs

We have programs designed to meet the badge requirements for Brownies, Junior and Senior Girl Scouts, and the Boy Scout Dog Care Merit Badge. Customized programs are also available to meet your group's needs.

Community Service Projects

We assist students with completing community service projects. We help students plan and carry out a project to fit their requirements and our needs.

Guided/Birthday Tours

We provide guided tours to groups and birthday guests by appointment that are 30 to 60 minutes in length and include an age-appropriate educational presentation of your choice. The tour also includes visiting the adoptable animal areas. The tour is free of charge, however we ask that a supply or monetary donation is made on behalf of the group.