ipet companion

The Coulee Region Humane Society is now one of three animal shelters in Wisconsin that has an iPet Companion system.

iPet Companion is the world’s first interactive, web-based pet toy that allows users from around the globe the ability to play with animals awaiting adoption by controlling a camera and moving toys right from their computer. iPet Companion is a product of Reach-In technology, the creator of online applications that allow users to visually and robotically interact over the internet in real time.

The iPet Companion system will not only increase adoption rates, but also improve the lives of shelter pets by providing added enrichment via virtual playtime, said Samantha Luhmann, community outreach coordinator. The Coulee Region Humane Society also hopes to raise additional funds with the help of the iPet Companion.

“The iPet Companion system is such a wonderful addition to our animal shelter,” she said. “Not only will it provide more exposure of our wonderful cats, but it will also help us reach support from animal lovers outside of the Coulee Region—and around the world!”

Portraits by Hilary Running

The Coulee Region Humane Society’s iPet Companion is installed in the animal shelter’s communal room, known as the Sunbeam Room. Cats live inside the Sunbeam Room in lieu of kennels and can therefore be played with around-the-clock.

Thanks to some generous donor, the Coulee Region Humane Society was able to acquire and install an iPet Companion free of charge.