Raptor mews

The Coulee Region Humane Society Animal Control, Protection and Rescue department has raised enough money to build three mews—specialized housing for raptors—to care for injured wildlife in need.

The department needed $6,000 to build the mews in order to adequately care for the raptors. A Go Fund Me campaign was made earlier this spring and a variety of community members made donations.

Animal Control cares for more than 1,000 wild animals each year. One of the more common wild animals they take in are raptors, particularly hawks, falcons and eagles.

Currently, one eagle and three hawks are being housed and cared for at the shelter.

“The Coulee Region is known for its immense amount of bird species that dwell among the bluffs,” said Samantha Luhmann, community outreach coordinator. “So raptors regularly arrive at our shelter for treatment and recovery when injured.

“These mews are much needed and we are so grateful to everyone who made a donation to support this project. This wouldn’t be possible without the community’s support.”

It is very difficult and sometimes impossible for Animal Control to rehabilitate and work with injured raptors without mews. 

The raptors that arrive at the shelter are housed inside of cat kennels. If the recovery time is long, a temporary/collapsible flight cage is installed inside of the humane society’s garage. 

Due to insufficient lodging, raptors are oftentimes transferred to other rehab centers hours away. And because raptors must also be released back into the same area upon recovery, Animal Control has to go back to the rehab centers, pick them up once again, and transport them back to the shelter for release when ready. Not only can this be very time consuming and expensive, but it is also very stressful for the birds. 

The department will now be able to adequately care for the raptors and rehabilitate even more hawks, falcons, eagles, etc. with the help of mews. Animal Control, Protection and Rescues cared for a total of 26 raptors last year alone.