Animal Control Humane Officer

We are currently hiring for the available Animal Control Humane Officer position. To purpose of this job is to ensure and enforce animal welfare regulations within the municipalities the Coulee Region Humane Society contracts with. Responsibilities include but are not limited to responding to appropriate animal control calls, providing education to the public on humane care for animals, picking up stray animals, and safely and promptly transporting them to the shelter, completing necessary paperwork, giving needed vaccinations and appropriately sheltering the animal, assisting with overall care for wildlife housed at CRHS, including feeding, cleaning, and transporting to a veterinarian, if needed, and picking up/assist injured animals, giving necessary care and safely transporting them to the CRHS or to a veterinarian if needed.

Animal Control Humane Officers must know and enforce State, County, and City animal control laws, and keep and file accurate records of all calls, warnings and activities.

The available position is full time and includes nighttime, weekend of overnight hour. 

Please submit a completed employment application, resume and cover letter to Animal Control Supervisor Kathy KasaKaitas at 


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Thank you for your interest.
Coulee Region Humane Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer.