Adoption FAQ’s

  • How old do I have to be to adopt?

    Because adoption involves a legal contract, adopters must be 18 years of age or older.

  • How much are adoption fees?

    • Dog adoption fees depend on the age of the dog you are adopting. Dogs under 1 year old are $350. Dogs aged 1 - 6 years old are $300 and dogs over the age of 7 are $250.

    • Cat adoption fees depend on whether or not the cat is spayed/neutered. Cat’s that are altered have an adoption fee of $60. Cats that are not altered are $30.

      • Please note that if you adopt an unaltered animal, you as the adopter are contractually responsible for getting your new pet spayed/neutered by the designated deadline.

    • We regularly have discounts on adoption fees. See our available adoption promotions here.

  • I have pets at home. What should I know?

    All resident cats and dogs must be up-to-date on rabies and distemper before approval is given, unless your veterinarian is willing to provide documentation stating that they advise against it due to health or age.

    • We require that you provide us with the name of your veterinary care provider and the name/s of your currently and previously owned animals.

    • If you are able to bring in proof of current vaccinations, it will expedite the adoption process especially if you apply during a weekend when vet clinics are closed. Regular vaccinations are important for your animals’ health, and some vaccinations are required by law.

    • We do not approve applications for intact opposite sex animals of the same species, we also cannot approve to adopt an intact animal to a home who’s resident animal is of opposite sex and intact.

  • I want to fill out an adoption application. How can I get one?

    Applications are available in person or online here.

    • If you choose to fill in the application by hand, please make certain to print legibly, if we can’t read your handwriting we may not be able to process your application.

    • If you wish to fill the application out on your computer, we strongly recommend making certain you have Adobe Acrobat installed as the application was designed to be form fill-able and may only work correctly in Adobe Acrobat.

    • Please make sure you fill out all fields. Any areas outlined in blue or with blue text are staff only please leave those areas blank.

    • You can choose to have your application filled out by a caregiver while meeting with the animal you are interested in adopting if you do not wish to fill one out ahead of time.

    • We will not accept applications mailed, emailed, or messaged to us. We will only accept applications in person and only during visiting hours.

    • You must have a specific animal in mind, we do not accept general applications nor do we have waiting lists.

    • Filling out an adoption application does not guarantee that you will be approved to adopt an animal. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis; the first appropriate match will be chosen. An animal is placed on hold when the application has been processed and approved by a manager.

    Does everyone in my household have to meet with the animal I want to adopt?

    Although all members of the family are not required to meet, we strongly encourage that all members of the family do come meet. We ask you visit during our viewing hours; any day after 1 pm.

    • If you’re applying to adopt a dog, all children in the home ages 10 years old and under must meet with the animal.

    • If applying on a cat or small animal that has an age restriction, we may require the children in the home to meet with the animal as well.

    • If you have a resident dog you’d like to have meet with a dog you’re applying on, we can schedule a dog meet at our facility.

    • We do not do dog/cat or cat/cat meets at our facility. We can provide information to help you introduce your current pets to your newest furry family member!

    Can I still adopt if I rent?

    If you do not own your home, we ask you verify with your landlord to make sure pets are allowed on the property. Certain landlords have different requirements for animals on property.

    If you do not live in the State of Wisconsin, you are responsible for complying with any interstate commerce laws should you adopt an animal from CRHS.

    If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at (608) 781-4014 and we will be happy to assist you! 


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