Shelter Volunteer

Today I stepped in poop, was pulled outside, threw the ball around, taught a dog to sit and left covered in hair.  What a great day!

Today I made friends with a shy cat, scooped a gazillion litter pans, played laser tag, and I too left covered in hair.  What a great day! 

Today I cleaned up rabbit poop, cuddled a guinea pig and chased a runaway gerbil in a ball.  What a great day!

Today I washed and folded 30 loads of laundry and got those fun, wrinkled fingers from the dish water.  What a great day!

If this is what a great day might look like for you, consider joining us as a volunteer with the Coulee Region Humane Society!

Volunteers play an integral role at the Coulee Region Humane Society.  We are a private nonprofit organization where budgets and staffing are always tight.  Volunteers help us provide the best possible care for the animals at all times. 

Volunteers help to make sure that living spaces are clean, water dishes refreshed, and that each animal gets as much human attention as possible.  Volunteers assist with the essentials of our world by helping with washing and folding laundry and cleaning food and water dishes.  None of our special events and fundraisers would be possible without the help of many volunteers.  Our volunteers share their talents as Board members, groundskeepers, photographers, and transport drivers.  We couldn’t do everything that we do without the help of our volunteers.

Volunteers must be at least 12 years of age for our routine assignments.  Volunteers 12-15 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while volunteering.  Please see the “for kids” section for opportunities for younger children.

Because of the time involved in training, we ask that volunteers make a minimum six month commitment to our organization.  Volunteers are typically scheduled for one, two-hour shift per week but a bi-weekly schedule can be accommodated.  We are here seven days per week with shift times varying depending on the role. 

If you would like to directly impact the lives of animals and help us to make a difference in our community, fill out an application or contact us for more information today! 

We are only looking for volunteers who have availability for the following opportunities:

  • Mondays

    • 11am to 1pm (Cat Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

  • Tuesdays

    • 9am to 11am (Morning Dog Kennel Assistant)

    • 1pm to 3pm (Dog Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

    • 1pm to 3pm (Cat Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

  • Wednesdays

    • 11am to 1pm (Cat Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

    • 1pm to 3pm (Cat Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

    • 1pm to 3pm (Dog Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

  • Thursdays

    • 9am to 11am (Morning Dog Kennel Assistant)

  • Fridays

    • 9am to 11am (Morning Dog Kennel Assistant)

    • 3pm to 5pm (Cat Spot Cleaning and Socialization)

*We are not in need of any volunteers for Saturday or Sunday*

If interested in volunteering for one of these shifts, please email Erin Olson at She will email you an application or you’re welcome to pick one up at the shelter.

Dog Volunteer

Responsible for spot checking and cleaning each dog's kennel, refilling the water bowls, exercising and socializing dogs on the paddock and in the outdoor dog-run area, grooming and bathing.


Essentials Volunteer

Miscellaneous cleaning duties; sweeping and mopping floors; washing walls, windows and blinds; maintaining order in the garage area; sorting newspapers; washing, drying, folding and stacking laundry.

Cat Volunteer

Responsible for spot checking and cleaning cages;  replacing wet or dirty newspapers and bedding; scooping out litter pans; filling water bowls; socializing cats by brushing and playing with them.


Grounds Maintenance

Mowing, raking, weed whacking, trash removal; weeding and watering plants; sweeping the sidewalk and parking areas; snow removal and assisting our maintenance man with miscellaneous duties. 


New volunteer opportunity- Transport Volunteer!

We’re looking for volunteers to assist in the transportation of animals. This includes but is not limited to, driving animals to and from their vet appointments, transferring animals to other organizations in Madison, Milwaukee and others, and assisting in transportation of new incoming animals. This is a great opportunity to help our animals. If interested, please fill out our Transport Volunteer Application and mail or email it to our Community Engagement Coordinator at

Please note:

Please submit volunteer applications to Erin Olson, via email at Thank you!